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We're pretty awesome...

    But seriously...

    Is this what health looks like to you?


    Confusing, overwhelming, discouraging?..


    You think you need more information. More complication. More medication?


    You don't.



    What you need is simplicity, accountability and clarity.





    This is what health looks like to us.


    If the picture isn't doing a great job of illustrating it - it's EFFORTLESS.


    And you can feel the exact same way.



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    Meet the main variables of your health journey - Ryan & AJ!


    We understand that you want to put a tag on us an say "that's what these two are about" . Just the heads up - we're a lot more than a few accomplishments in our professional lives listed down below. Just like you. We are:


    • 100%

      Committed to helping dedicated people do hard things and get results

    • 100%

      Intolerant of excuses, complaints and negativity

    • 100%

      Fueled by our vision and mission. Not susceptible to mediocrity

    Meet Ryan

    As a Traditional Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist Ryan takes a holistic approach to helping his patients improve their health by utilizing functional medicine.


    He's worked with hundreds of people over the past six years, and helped  people break free from fad diets and feeling discouraged with the conventional approach. 


    He personally became interested in health when his seemingly healthy mother got cancer at age 51 and unfortunately passed away. This was a turning point for him where he learned what was really important in life.


    Ryan has dedicated his life to helping people become the healthy, happy, empowered versions of themselves through lifestyle adjustments.


    One of his greatest joys is to work with people who have struggled with their health for years, to give them the exact steps and coaching they need, and see them transform for good.

    Meet AJ

    AJ started his career as a military service member and Civil Engineer. He discovered his passion for health early in his military career when he found himself with constant brain fog and fatigue. He solved his personal health challenges and pivoted his career towards health and started educating his fellow service members.


    AJ now works with entrepreneurs, executives and corporate professionals internationally to enhance their mental and physical output. He is amazing at identifying and correcting the roadblocks that prevent his clients from reaching their full biological potential.


    AJ is constantly featured in various international media outlets such as WALL STREET JOURNAL, GQ, YAHOO LIFESTYLE and has earned the name of "The Most Expensive Personal Trainer in Asia"


    AJ serves his local community by educating children on healthy nutrition and he is constantly expanding his knowledge through reading, podcasting and staying recent on everything health-related.

    Here's how Thriving Wellness Came to Fruition

    We have been working with clients for quite a while and were charging them on a per-session-basis.

    We took a shot-gun approach and overloaded our clients with information. Little of it ended up being used. It was helpful but, unfortunately, didn’t provide long-lasting results.

    Most people think they need “The Next Best Thing” (new program, latest meal plan, etc.)

    After working with hundreds of people, we realized that information is not the answer. In fact, it’s actually part of the problem.

    In today’s world everyone is overloaded with information and it’s crippling ACTION taking.

    We saw this first hand in our own practices and decided to make a change.

    So we joined forces and founded Thriving Wellness.

    With our expertise, experience in different fields and a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL understanding of a human’s body, we realized that we could give our clients what they 
    REALLY need.

    The CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and step-by-step system to TAKE ACTION.

    ACTION doesn’t mean more information. What it means is incremental, consistent steps towards your goals.

    And we are here to facilitate them.

    We are a Health and Performance Consulting Practice founded by two dedicated professionals committed to guiding you towards optimal health and sustainable long term results.


    Frequently asked questions

    Here are a few answers to most commonly asked questions

    • Q: Are you going to do the work for me?

      A: No

    • Q: Are you going to fix my life?

      A: No, you're going to do it with our guidance

    • Q: How much is it?

      A: We would like to see if we can work together and if it's a good fit first

    • Q: How do I get started?

      A: Schedule a call with our team

    • Q: How are you different from other professionals?

      A: We take a complete, 360° approach to your health and wellness

    • Q: Can I get a workout plan so I am as fit as you guys?

      A: We offer way more than a workout plan

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